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DATO focuses on the Internet of Things - smart home technology field, and strives to create more comfortable, safer and more efficient home life experience for users through smart technology and big data application.DATO is based on original design and innovative technology to build an intelligent ecological chain of home furnishings, so as to realize the natural harmony of intelligent family life. Independent research and development of large data cloud platform and excellent Internet operation strength, the successful integration of industry upstream and downstream resources to create a complete smart home ecosystem, set a new benchmark for the industry.


A new generation of multi-user smart home system, a new generation of multi-user smart home APP, product equipment rich, at any time monitor the status of the home, control the home equipment, for users to create a more convenient, safe and intelligent family community! Built-inscenarios, self-learning user habits, two-way interaction, bring you super cool smart technology experience!

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    Trump Building, 40 Wall Street, Manhattan, New York.

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